What is the Harmony for Ohio Foundation?

The Harmony for Ohio Foundation (HOF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise funds through various programs for the direct support of Ohio-based, nonprofit organizations whose programs provide comfort and care to children and families in need.

Who does Harmony for Ohio Foundation support?

Our largest initiative to date has been Tabfest, which has been organized to raise money and collect aluminum can tabs in support of organizations like Ronald McDonald House Charities and others that provide comfort and care to children and families in need. To date the Harmony for Ohio Foundation, has donated over 10,000 pounds of tabs and nearly $75,000.00 to charities including RMHC of the Miami Valley. Your support will help us to donate more to Ohio-based, nonprofit organizations.

Why should I support Harmony for Ohio Foundation?

Our nonprofit has succeeded in generating money from nothing. Your support helps us to generate more money, more events, and more programs. Our events also attract thousands to the area fueling the local economy.

How do I know Harmony for Ohio Foundation is valid?

Great question and one you should always ask!

  • Our nonprofit is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.
  • On an annual basis, we file a 990 return to the IRS.
  • Our officers and directors are not compensated.
  • Our staff is 100% volunteer.
  • We have received the "Heart of the House" award from RMHC of the Miami Valley.
  • We have official receipt letters provided by organizations receiving our donations.
  • We have been recognized by many publications, including the Columbus Dispatch, The Ohio State Lantern, Lima News, The Evening Leader, and The Daily Standard.